Buying car insurance for a few days

Sites such as sell car insurance for a week. Buying three-day car insurance is not a problem provided that you drive a fairly popular modern car, you are over 18 and you have a reasonable driving record. Come to think of it, can buy car insurance for one day, five days, 10 days; in fact pick any number between one and 28 and that is the number of days you can arrange cover for if you wish. Forget about trudging through the rain to your friendly neighbourhood insurance agency; you can sit at home in your favourite armchair, with a glass of something cold and refreshing in your hand and a laptop on your knee and arrange cover at any time of day or night that you wish. This is possible thanks to the miracle of the Internet and the genius of the guys who designed these systems!

For quotes please visit this site for more info about 3 day insurance

To be serious for a moment; once you have gone online it should only take you more than a couple of minutes to get a quotation, provided that you do not have a poor driving record, your postcode is not one in which there is a great deal of vehicle crime and the car that you wish to insure is a fairly popular model. If you cannot get a quotation from any particular provider there is no point in attempting to contact them, because their criteria are completely inflexible, but you may wish to try another provider who may well have different acceptance criteria altogether.

Once you have had a quotation and accepted it you can pay by credit card. When that is done it is only a moment so until you can download all the documents including the insurance certificate, which you would be well advised to carry with you during the time of your cover.

There are normally a few restrictions; usually the car for instance could only be used for social domestic and pleasure purposes, and driving to and from the place of work; it could not be used for business purposes, and certainly not for the carriage of goods or people for hire or reward. The car could belong to you or someone else but in this latter case you must have borrowed it and not hired it; vehicles owned by car or van hire companies are specifically excluded from cover.

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